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Goldie's Premium Carob Bars, Plain, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

Reviews : Goldie's Premium Carob Bars, Plain, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

Goldie's Premium Carob Bars, Plain, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)
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    Goldie's Premium Carob Bars, Plain, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)


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     "Just as Good as Chocolate" 2009-09-10
    By Susan D. Studler (Indiana USA)
    I'm allergic to caffine so this is what I get. I can tell you that these Carob bars taste just like a good ole chocolate bar to me. I have ordered them 3 times in a year. I'll prob order them everytime I run out. I think they are habit forming.

     "Goldie's plain carob bar." 2009-07-10
    By C.K. (Perry, UT)
    Well seeing how I have Interstitial Cystitis and can no longer handle chocolate. I thought I would try this. I knew it was not going to be exactly like chocolate and was keeping an open mind really hoping this would be a great chocolate substitute for me.

    First of all is it supposed to smell like ear wax?

    This stuff tastes awful. The consistency is close but not quite right either. I also tried Goldies Hazelnut and Pralines bar which was a little better. Still not worth ever getting again.

    I am very disappointed.

    If you suck on the carob it is a touch better.. but chewing it was gross. Yes I really really tried to like it. even forced my self to eat a whole square.

    They are way way over priced.. That's a lot of money for some bars of crap. I feel duped.

     "I like this product but didn't know there was milk" 2009-06-16
    By S. Tenneson (Lower Lake, CA)
    Is it true that the Goldies Carob Bar has milk in it? The label lists milk as the last ingrediant, but underneath it says there is not milk in it, but it is made in a facility that has milk. I have been eating this bar for a long time thinking it was Vegan. What a disappointment if it isn't!!

     "Carob Bar" 2009-05-04
    By H. A. Word
    I have many food allergies. I am not allowed to eat chocolate because of the caffeine. Carob is a great alternative. I searched local health food stores and could find a plain carob bars without a lot of additives and peanuts. Thank you for making this product available. The Carob bar has no additional food or chemical additives that can cause allergic reactions. Again, thank you.

     "A delight for those allergic to chocolate!" 2008-04-02
    By Janet L. Wiedeman (New England)
    I've had a chocolate allergy (along with several other foods) for most of my life but in the 80's I discovered carob bars at GNC and Nature Food Stores. Those places eventually went away from having food in favor of vitamins and supplements, and carob bars have become hard to find. Last year I did find these from Goldies in one small local health food store - and after searching online found that I can buy them from Amazon! Hooray!

    If you can eat real chocolate perhaps these might disappoint. Not having been able to eat the real thing for decades, I can't compare them to anything except my memory of chocolate. And I just love them! They taste delicious and have the texture that I remember from when I could still eat Hershey Bars and their clones eons ago.

    Carob is also lower in fat than regular chocolate, so that's another reason to select these.

    My husband is a chocolate fanatic, and he thinks these taste good too. Of course, I usually just give him a taste and then send him off to eat actual chocolate, so there will be more Goldies' for me.

    Goldies and Amazon, please keep selling these for people like me who can't enjoy chocolate.

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